Prowarm BACKER-PRO Tile Backer Boards 30mm

Prowarm BACKER-PRO Tile Backer Boards 30mm

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  • BACKER-PRO Tile Backer Boards

    • Professional choice
    • Premium coating
    • Excellent thermal properties
    • Glass fibre reinforced
    • Approved by BAL
    • Approved by ULTRA
    • Suitable for underfloor heating
    • Suitable for wall & floor tiles
    • Tolerance of only +/- 0.5mm

ProWarm™ Tile Backer Boards are ideal for :

1. As a superior waterproof surface to fix wall or floor tiles and as a first class heat insulation for underfloor heating systems.

2. Our boards are particularly suited to underfloor and under tile heating applications.

3. Far stronger than plasterboard increasing the weight limit of tiles 

4. Excellent sound and heat insulation

5. Easy to handle

6. Cuts with a knife ( no saw needed )

7.1 board covers 0.72m²  (1200 x 600 )

 Note :When installing onto concrete sub floor we recommend using  flexible tile adhesive

 When installing onto wooden floors we recommend using tile adhesive and/or screws and washers

Quantity of BoardsPrice per Board
1 to 20£15.00
21 to 40£14.00
41 +£13.50


MaterialExtruded Polystyrene Sheet - Polymer Modified Coating
Sheet Dimensions1200mm x 600mm
Thermal Conductivity0.027 W/mK
Compression Strength30 t/m2
Water absorption<0.1 vol%
Tensile Strength350 KPa
Fire Protection ClassBs 3837:B1 DIN

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