BAL Primer APD 2.5 Litre

BAL Primer APD 2.5 Litre

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BAL Prime APD Primer

BAL Prime APD Primer is used in the preparation of wall and floor backgrounds prior to the application of any levelling compounds and the BAL WP1 Waterproof tanking Kit 

BAL Prime APD Primer is a modified acrylic polymer dispersion which isolates products contain calcium sulphate. Gypsum plaster, anhydrite screeds, and cement-based

adhesives may contain calcium sulphate.

The BAL Prime APD Primer minimises the risk of reaction between the two materials and provides surface strength to friable surfaces. It reduces porosity - preventing air

bubbles and prolonging the flow time of levelling compounds and extending the open time of tile adhesives.

Key features and benefits include:


  • Pack size: 2.5L
  • CoverageUndiluted: 100-200ml/m2,  Diluted (1:1): 50-100ml/m2
  • Drying time: 15-30 minutes
  • Colour: Blue, ensuring a complete and even coating is obtained

Recommendations for BAL Prime APD Primer

  • Diluted usage (1:1): Use the diluted primer on dusty or porous plaster walls (when using BAL ready-mixed adhesive) and cement floors
  • Undiluted usage: Use the undiluted primer on plaster walls and plasterboard (when using a BAL cementitious adhesive), tongued and grooved floorboards, and anhydrite
  • screed floors

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